Form employer loan

Form for employer loans The employer has granted the employee a loan. The following loans can be considered as employer loans.  The 3ETG has for business years, which after 31.12. In 2004, they began to settle a profit according to the official form of the income tax return by means of the surplus of operating […]

Home loan self-employed

Home equity loans self-employed Home loans or home loans as construction financing for the self-employed. Loans for self-employed, company founders, etc. In fact, you should not go in there, so this amount expires quickly! But what use is there in the short term if you apply for a personal bankruptcy at a later date? But […]

Loan house | Credit-house

Credit-house When you retire, the loan for the construction should really be completed, as you probably can not pay the pension for a house. Credit from grandma, building money from uncle. “Credit for home furnishings [SOLVED in – 08/2018] It is not easy to clarify your questions because they go far beyond a conventional credit […]

The loan offer

  Are you looking for your mortgage? Generally, we start this research with an idea of ​​the rate we want to obtain, the monthly payments we could settle and the duration we would not want to exceed. But now, a mortgage offer is composed of several other elements to take into account and seem very […]