Online loan – installment loans online

Principles of responsible borrowing Taking a loan is a serious commitment – we must comply with all the provisions of the contract. The basic principle of responsible lending is not to borrow money “exaggerated”, ie in an amount greater than we need. We also need to define the purpose for which we will allocate the […]

Loan house | Credit-house

Credit-house When you retire, the loan for the construction should really be completed, as you probably can not pay the pension for a house. Credit from grandma, building money from uncle. “Credit for home furnishings [SOLVED in – 08/2018] It is not easy to clarify your questions because they go far beyond a conventional credit […]

Bank promotions – deposits, credit cards, accounts, occasions

When creating a new account or applying for a loan, it is worth looking for bank promotions. The best promotions allow you to significantly reduce the cost of borrowing or use a personal account on preferential terms. In turn, depositpromotions allow access to better interest rates.   Banking products – just like goods in stores – are very often […]

Cash loan – fast online loan, offer and conditions

We usually decide on cash loans when suddenly some unexpected expenditure occurs, which we do not want or cannot give up. It can be, for example, a foreign trip for a child or an opportunity (though more often a necessity) to buy electronic equipment at a very good price. Many borrowers also decide to repay […]

The loan offer

  Are you looking for your mortgage? Generally, we start this research with an idea of ​​the rate we want to obtain, the monthly payments we could settle and the duration we would not want to exceed. But now, a mortgage offer is composed of several other elements to take into account and seem very […]